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Machinable Vise Jaw for 8″ Vise: 1.5″T x 2″W x 8″L – 6061 Aluminum


Type: 6061 Aluminum Vise Jaw Set
Description: Machinable Vise Jaw Set for 8″ Vise
Dimensions: 1.5″T x 2″W x 8″L
Alloy: 6069 Aluminum

Material Test Report (MTR Cert) Included

DFARS Material is DFARS compliant

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Vise Jaw Specifications Sheet

Custom Vise Jaws for all Applications

Vise jaws are inserts that fit into a vise and grip the workpiece. Aluminum vise jaws are used to hold and protect round, hexagonal, or serrated parts. Rubber-faced vise jaws are also used to protect fragile parts from damage and may be suitable for holding irregular shapes. At TCI Precision Metals we specialize in producing both hardened and soft precision vise jaws in a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, other alloys, polyurethane and more. Production quantity runs are completed to exacting customer specifications.
  • Soft jaws or hardened jaws
  • HD or HDL vises
  • A wide range of material

Why use Vise Jaws from TCI Precision Metals?

  • Producing vise jaws requires the same close tolerance capabilities as Machine-Ready Blanks, something TCI is uniquely suited for.
  • TCI is a production facility, capable of producing volume orders, quickly.
  • Specialized equipment increases volume efficiency, reducing costs

Precision Vise Jaws Features:

  • Standard individual vise plates
  • Tolerances: +/- .002″ All Dimensions
  • Flatness: within .002″
  • 1018 stainless and 6061 aluminum

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